Friday, Dec. 9 – Sarah Thomas

9 Dec

Week 2: Peace
Today’s Scripture:
Psalm 37
Luke 22:14-23

At our latest Night of Worship, my 7 year-old son, Sam, wanted to do “The Bread Thing.” After choosing to follow the Lord earlier in the year and being baptized this summer, Sam had not yet taken the Lord’s Supper. My husband, Daniel, and I stood on the front row and began to sing along with the first song, but Sam sat expectantly. Daniel told Sam that we were free to go to the back and take the Lord’s Supper any time. Was he ready? He nodded, and I followed the two of them to the back of the room. I was surprised to find myself shaky with excitement.

I’d already been blessed to hear my son confess his belief in Jesus (he said he’d asked Jesus to “Save him from himself”), and just months earlier, I’d watched as Daniel and Ryan Etheridge baptized my firstborn. In both instances I’d been filled with joy and thankfulness and had praised God over and over for this precious gift in my life of being able to see my child become my brother, a disciple at a young age. It had been my request, my plea, since Samuel was born.

But I wasn’t prepared to watch Sam step up to the table with Daniel’s hand on his back, to have Matt Walters bend over, share the Bread with Sam and say, “This is the body of Christ, broken for you,” then to have Lindsay bend over the baby in her belly in order to gently share the Cup and say, “This is the blood of Christ, poured out for you, Sam” – I was overwhelmed.

I don’t believe Sam fully understands that this Supper we take, the same Supper the Lord took with his disciples before His crucifixion, is the act that Jesus provided for us to participate in together to be reminded of the life we receive through his death. But that is part of the beauty. The Lord’s Supper is lofty theology that we do together. Christ gave us an act; we are able to participate, to eat and to drink together, and the act that actually puts food and drink in our bellies – and Life in our bodies – allows us to be a part of a divine mystery. Age and intellect are put aside. Experience and maturity are not required, though they surely deepen a follower’s humility and gratitude.

All I could do was stand to the side and sob. Peace and Joy! God came into the world as a tiny baby to usher in the Kingdom and allow us to participate in true Life. Sam ate and drank of that Life and then ran superhero-speed to the back room to play with the other kids, but I stood there, gathering myself and thanking God.



One Response to “Friday, Dec. 9 – Sarah Thomas”

  1. Annie Freeman December 9, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    I teared up while reading your experience. We pray in hope that our children will know what it is to share in the grace of our Lord. To be loved by Him and love Him. Thank you for sharing.

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