Monday, Dec. 19 – Ryan and Brittany Etheridge

19 Dec

Week 4: Love
Today’s Scripture:
Isaiah 11:1-19
John 5:30-47

We are anticipating the arrival of our first child, a boy. We’ve wanted this for so long. We’ve made decisions to prepare the way for this little child.

We have so many expectations for him; he’s under a pile of hope.

Yes, we know this infant is entering a broken world, full of pain and suffering. But, we hope that he knows Christ at an early age and stays obedient for his whole life. We hope that he is born healthy with all his little fingers and tiny toes. We hope that he celebrates the good things in life. We hope our son loves helping those in need. We hope that he is encouraging to the downtrodden.

But all that we hope for our coming child is but an outline of a picture of the fullness of the anticipated Christ.

The child for whom we wait, in whom we hope, on whom the salvation of the world rests, has the Spirit of the Lord resting on him, yet he is humble. The child brings a peace so deep and so full that wolves will live with lambs, leopards will sleep with goats, babies will play with snakes and not be harmed. The child will be fair, never prejudicial. This great unifier will bring the exiles of Israel together. The people of God will gather before him.

What we hope for in our child is little compared to the hope we have in Christ.

Do you feel it? Have you taken a step back and judged this season not by how it appears, but for what it truthfully is? Do you feel the impending weight of the glory of Christ-coming?

Our hope for our child may better be stated as this: we hope in Christ.

By Christ alone can our baby boy know Christ, no matter how much we try teaching him. In Christ alone can our much anticipated child be born healthy. In Christ alone can our boy celebrate. In Christ alone can he know who is needy and by Christ alone can they receive help. In Christ alone can words of encouragement flow from his mouth, unifying others, bringing peace.

Join with us in waiting for that little boy to come.



One Response to “Monday, Dec. 19 – Ryan and Brittany Etheridge”

  1. Matt Walters December 19, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    For obvious reasons, and some not so obvious, this is a post after my own heart. Thanks, Ryan and Brittany.

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