Friday, Nov. 30 – Devan Vandenbark

30 Nov

Friday, November 30 – HOPE

Today’s Scripture:
Daniel 7:13-14
Romans 8:31-37

Sometimes life overwhelms me. It is so easy to become distracted by everyday things and take my focus off of the Founder and Perfector of my faith to fix it on other tasks and other relationships that truly belong in a subservient position to Christ. It’s when I realize that I have allowed other things in my life to crowd Jesus off of his throne that it’s encouraging to know that there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. God offers us his love which includes his forgiveness and hope. When we seek him with all of our hearts, when we are broken before him he will not reject us but will carry us into his presence, giving us rest and reassurance, and enable our healing.

Whether Christmas is for you an awesome time of celebration with family or is a challenging time of hurt feelings and disappointment, be encouraged that Jesus is able to make all things new. There is hope to find in his salvation, in his refreshing grace. Focus on his abounding love for you; He has been given power, glory, and authority and his kingdom will never fall to a more powerful one! His kingdom is founded on the rock cut by his own hands that grew into a mountain that covered the earth.

Rest in the knowledge that he is able to overcome all obstacles, heal all pain and resolve all relationships. He who is given power by the Ancient of Days has stopped at nothing to redeem us, to give us freedom in him. Celebrate in his coming and in his promises!



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