Sunday, Dec. 2 – Daniel Thomas

2 Dec

Sunday, Dec. 2 – HOPE

Today’s Scripture:
Micah 7:8
Romans 13:11-14

Over the past few months my eyes have been opened to the vast darkness that is around us and among us.  I have a student who is very quiet.  He wears the same exact clothes every single day.  He is an intelligent kid, one that I’m trying to talk into taking my AP class, but his situation is difficult.  After being out a few days last week one of our administrators called and talked to his step dad.  “Yeah he probably needs to go to the doctor, but we just don’t have any gas in the car.”

The place of violence among our young people at school has a high place on the totem pole.  A day does not go by without me overhearing a conversation about who can fight the best or “did you see that fight video on Facebook?” Of course why wouldn’t they hold violence in high regards?  That’s what our society teaches them to do.  Think of the movies and shows we watch.  The most popular are often the bloodiest and most violent.   Today I had a few students who were filming for their economics project.  One of them was insulted by another student and so she called her mother on the phone.  Her mother told him to find that other student and confront him—and so she barged in to another classroom during class and began to threaten and curse the young man.  Her mother told her she should.  Her mother…

There are so many stories of poverty, of violence, of addictions, of abuse, of seeking nothing but self preservation and self glorification.  It’s not just us and them.  It’s not just those people.  It’s all of us.  The darkness lies within us all.  O but the LORD will be our light!!!

And what else is there to say other than to take the words of Romans 13:11-14 to heart.  Let us arise from our slumber.  Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear the sorrow and misguided direction of this world.  Not because we’re better, but because we know the life giving grace of our all merciful Creator.  Let us live—truly live as daughters and sons of the One True King.  Let us guard our speech and thinking and be intentional and compassionate with our actions loving both those who are easy to love and perhaps especially those who are not. Doing this out of no obligation other than to be joyous carriers of the message of the great news—the hope of all humanity, the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.



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