Wednesday, Dec. 5 – Ben Brown

5 Dec

Wednesday, Dec. 5 – PEACE

Today’s Scripture:
Isaiah 60:1-3; 19-20
John 12:35-36

Most of our physical light comes from the sun, but the sun pales in comparison to the size of other stars in neighboring systems. Along with hundreds of billions of other stars, the sun is just a small fraction of our galaxy. And along with hundreds of billions of other galaxies, the Milky Way is just a small fraction of our universe. Yet this seemingly insignificant sun is responsible for the abundant light we have during the day, and the light reflected off the moon at night.

Light is certainly precious to us. The opening command of creation was for light. The Israelites were blessed with light during the plague of darkness in Egypt. Jesus was a light. Light symbolizes the good. A man who walks in the light knows where he is going.

In our time of waiting, we should take notice of our new light. No longer is our light dependent on the daily cycle of the sun. No longer is our light a stranger to dark caves. No longer is our light just physical light. Our light is the glory of Yahweh, a glory that will endure forever. This glory is so much more than the light of our sun, galaxy or universe. It is the glory of the one who created these things. I cannot comprehend this glory or even begin to communicate it. But I do know that the best part is not that we are observers of this light, but bearers. As we walk in the light, we are sons of light, and the nations will come to our light.

As we await the birth of our Lord, let us remember His purpose. He came to die for us and conquer death by rising from the grave. Despite our imperfections, He offers us mercy, and He offers us grace. Despite our sin, he offers us the opportunity to follow him and become sons of light. His kingdom has come on Earth, and God’s rule is in the hearts of believers. As the plurality of these nouns suggests, we are not going through life alone. This is where our peace comes from.



One Response to “Wednesday, Dec. 5 – Ben Brown”

  1. Seth Stevens December 5, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    Love the third paragraph. That’s good stuff Ben Brown

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