Friday, Dec. 7 – Aubree Martin

7 Dec
Friday, Dec. 7 – PEACE
Today’s Scripture:
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  (Psalm 119:105) This “Light” is the Light that leads to Life! (John 8)  As children of the most holy God, what quality of “life” do we expect to live?  Obviously, not one in darkness.  We expect our needs to be met (by faith?).  We also often expect abundance.  Abundance of what though…things we deserve?  What about a life abundantly full of the gifts of the Spirit?
In many of his letters recorded in the Bible, Paul prays that God would grant grace and peace (a gift of the Spirit) to its recipient(s).  One definition of peace is “a calm repose”.  How often is this our demeanor?  My daily franticism (yes, I made it up) because I try to fit too many tasks into too little time does not constitute a calm repose.  I’m reminded of Jesus’ words to the storm (and to the disciples), “Peace…be still”.  I often have peace in the big things because I know He’ll pull us through but need to stop and say, “Peace…be still” in the little things that seem so important at the time but in reality are measly and unimportant.
A second definition of peace is harmony in personal relationship (with God and man) or being free of strife or discord.  How is it between us Lord? (Sara Groves) and how is it between us friend?  Bitterness rages war in our minds and we have trouble thinking on things that are true, pure, holy, etc (Phil. 4).  Much of this bitterness is based on false premises and misread intentions.   Addressing these things through God’s Word, in prayer and sometimes in person brings forgiveness which doesn’t necessarily make the situation all right, but it makes you all right.  It brings peace to your soul.  It allows the gifts of the Spirit to manifest into the fullness of life that we long for.  Thanks to the Light, we have life!
May you experience the gift of a calm repose and harmony with God and man this Christmas season.

One Response to “Friday, Dec. 7 – Aubree Martin”

  1. Jane Woods December 7, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    Dang Aubree, you nailed it! Well I should say, daannng Holy Spirit! And then thank you for having the ears to hear 🙂
    “We also often expect abundance.” and…
    “Much of this bitterness is based on false premises and misread intentions.”
    These two points stung me for sure. Those feelings are lurking so far under the surface sometimes that I can pretend I don’t have them. But I do. And I’m thankful for this reminder to confront them through prayer.

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