Sunday, Dec. 9 – Seth Stevens

9 Dec

Sunday, Dec. 9 – PEACE

Prayerfully Read Psalm 118:1-28 and I Peter 2:5-10

 A Prayer for Peace

Good and Loving Father, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Your righteousness is well known to me; please remind me of how deeply you care for me.

My life is yours by right, but I have not always given myself wholly over to your care.

Your ways are not always my ways.  But your ways are true, loving and well-lit.

Your thoughts are not always my thoughts.  Renew my mind so that I may be more in touch with your movements in my life.

Your love endures forever.  You love all of your creatures.  But it is easier for me to love those who love me in return; I need your help to be more loving toward all people, especially those who have hurt, betrayed, and lied to me.

You give peace as a most valuable gift to your people.  In all honesty, I could use your peace in my life now.  Open me up to your Spirit now; clear out the dusty dark places of my heart and mind.

You have my attention today Lord.

Father, joy and peace and contentment are in your hands and I will find them as I cooperate with your Spirit’s work in our relationship together.

When I fall into fear today, please bring to mind all the truths that I know about You so that I will remember that I have nothing to fear.  You are powerful, all-knowing, gentle, just, and full of mercy.  Whom shall I fear?  What shall I fear?

May you grant me the great privilege of being light in my world today; in Your world today.  By my compassion, my prayers, my kindness, and my gifts may I be a stream of your love into needy and loveless lives today.

I surrender again to you now and place my today on the altar of my great God and King.





One Response to “Sunday, Dec. 9 – Seth Stevens”

  1. Jane Woods December 9, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    Andrew and I read this out loud together today. It has touched us both profoundly. Thank you for this very humble devotion, thank you for the transparency of your heart.

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