Saturday, Dec. 15 – Lynsie Stevens

15 Dec

Saturday, Dec. 15 – JOY

Today’s Scripture:
Psalm 126:1-6
John 9:1-7

Having joy during difficult times is something that is a struggle for me.  I tend to stop caring and not look for the things in my life that are good and that are a blessing.  The passage in Psalm 126 talks about how God restored the people and it was so great they had a hard time believing it to be trueEven when we are going through a dry spell or low time in our life, we can have joy because we know in the end all things will turn out for our good and for the glory of God.  This particular passage is a promise that God will bring us out of our hard times.  We have to find joy during this time, particularly from our past and from times when God has brought us through other difficult things in our life.  Something terrible may happen to us at an inconvenient time for us but it is all in His hands.  We have to set up those lamp posts (thanks B. Fitz) of the good times so we can look back on them when we will feel as if we are in the dark.

To go along with this, the part of John 9 that stands out to me is “…but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”  When I read this the thing that stands out in my own life is my childhood, which led to my being adopted (by some marvelous parents and a wonderful community I might add). I didn’t suffer, along with my brothers and sisters, because of something I had done wrong but so that God could rescue me from the situation and He could change my life for His glory.  Being in the situation of not knowing if my biological dad was going to hurt my family, or if my parents were going to get drunk and fight in front of us, or they were going to leave us for my cousins to watch because they had better things to do, I would have never have thought I would be where I am today.  I sometimes find myself feeling guilty for how my life has turned out this far, because some of my siblings’ lives have been harder than mine.  This passage is an encouragement when those thoughts and feelings surface.  God gave me the life I have and He gave my siblings the lives they have all to show His work in them.

His work may not be evident to me now but it is all in His timing.  The childhood I had was necessary for God to rescue me and give me this life with Godly and loving parents, a community who loves and encourages me, and friends who can put a smile on my face and love me no matter what. With times of suffering come joy, love, and peace in ways we do not even expect it.



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