Tuesday, Dec. 18 – Sarah Thomas

18 Dec

Tuesday, Dec. 18 – LOVE

Today’s Scripture:
Isaiah 55:1-3
Ephesians 2:1-7


Editor’s note: The following poem employs a spacing and formatting scheme that adds layers of meaning to the text. Unfortunately the wordpress site won’t allow for that type of customization. To see Sarah’s poem in its original formatting, click the link just above this note.


Your shallow grave was marked
With pride that had slung a rope around your fragile neck
With hopelessness that had laid you on your back
And heaped heavy stones on your chest
With selfishness that had forced a mirror before you always
To reflect your shifting and uncertain gaze
Wrathful object – gratified,
And so you were Dead.
Your craving for sugar and sex and fat and fame and things and more consumed you
Your desire for personal rights and being understood and looking important broke you
Your thoughts filled with doubt and fear and self-loathing crushed you
Killed you.
And the world that killed you held you a tacky and expensive funeral.

(glorious!) But…
Your Rescuer suited in flesh stooped at your grave and removed dirt by the hands full
And lifted your limp body from the sepulcher
Your Physician administered the cure, and even after rigor mortis had set in,
Your flesh quivered with life and your bones began to dance
Your Propitiation battled time and defeated your Fall by climbing into your electric chair
And flipping the switch to pulse with your sin as you tingled with Spirit
So you lived.
Nevermind how.
Nevermind the incomprehensible Grace,
the unfathomable Redemption.
But why?        WHY? (screamed)       why? (whispered)

Why resurrection and royal adoption and position in heavenly realms
with an additional expression of kindness?
Was not the dead, rotten flesh off-putting?
Did not the sin stink and nauseate and the self-choosing evoke righteous anger?
And even with the realization of a need, a deep need for rescue,
did not the absolute weakness and lack lend to a slow shake of the head
with sad surrender to the unfortunate loss?

No. NO!  For Love’s sake, no.
Love sparked a plan for resuscitation of life and relationship and all of creation.
Love urged Himself into a manger and shifted natural laws
to allow for an abrupt change in the deterioration – revival!
Love altered the course toward destruction and led the way to the cross.
Love became flesh
Love died
Love rose

And it is because of Love, only because of Love, we live.

May you be overwhelmed by the magnitude and quieted by the simplicity of His Love during this season of celebration. -SDT


One Response to “Tuesday, Dec. 18 – Sarah Thomas”

  1. Jane December 18, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    Whew! Sarah, this is such an incredibly powerful and deeply moving expression of Jesus’ sacrifice, of the unfathomable grace extended to us. Oh, the Spirit is in this! Thank you for sharing in this way, these images speak much more than lots of words ever could. I love, love it.

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