Wednesday, Dec. 19 – Ashley Dickson

19 Dec

Wednesday, Dec. 19 – LOVE

Today’s Scripture:
Lamentations 3:22-32
Romans 5:5-8

Perfect love has come to us, and is coming.

My experience with love has at times been full of conditions, and sometimes had its limits. Life in a family of divorce showed me that love just stops at certain point.  I saw how love can leave a mess when it packs its bags and finishes its course. Even today, my frenzied life whispers to me, “You just don’t have it in you to love anymore.”  It is easy to believe lies that tell me “this is YOUR love story.”

BUT God has poured His love into me, so my story is different.

His kind of love was demonstrated when he wrapped himself in skin, and put himself into my world-all to bring love to me. He wanted me to see what it should really look like. He showed me again; when He himself died for me while I didn’t even love him back.

Now I wake up to the newness of His love every morning. I can walk in His love every day.  His love has come to me, perfect and complete, the deal is sealed. His love is coming, even still tomorrow when I need another dose, because the world’s love just isn’t enough.  His love is coming, when He brings me finally into his glorious inheritance- where love is no longer a struggle.

We wait eagerly Lord, for your salvation. Your love has come to us in Jesus. Your love still comes to us every morning.  And you will come for us, to bring us into your glorious inheritance. Amen



One Response to “Wednesday, Dec. 19 – Ashley Dickson”

  1. Jane December 19, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    Wow this just reminds me how Jesus has overcome the world. He is greater than our misunderstanding of love. He is so great that he takes our misunderstanding and transforms it into wisdom! THAT’S UNTHINKABLE! But so obvious in this testimony. Thank you, Ashley!

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