Saturday, Dec. 22 – Justin Brock

22 Dec

Saturday, Dec. 22 – LOVE

Today’s Scripture:
Exodus 34:5-7
John 17:20-26

As we celebrate the coming of King Jesus this Christmas season, Jess and I are getting to celebrate it in a very new and exciting way as we anticipate the coming of our daughter, Emery Grace.  This season has been full of so many emotions and feelings: hope, fear, inadequacy, joy, confusion, and excitement!  However, one constant theme through this entire process has been love.  We’ve experienced the love of our family and friends as we receive advice, prayers, gifts, and support.  We have experienced a new and deeper love for one another as a married couple as we walk through this journey together.  We’ve also experienced a love for this baby that I would have never even imagined!  It is amazing that we can grow such a deep and constant love for a child that we haven’t even met yet.  We have done everything possible for this baby girl and invested so much time, energy, and resources before she even breathes her first breath.  As our Heavenly Father continues to teach us of His love for us through the coming of our baby girl, Emery, I am even more aware of his deep love for us and for the world as I reflect on how He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to us in order that we may have everlasting life in Him.

This Advent season, I am also reminded that Jesus Christ was sent to us as the deepest act of love.  God so LOVED the world that he gave us His son!  I praise Him for the love he has not only for me, but also for the entire world.  I am overwhelmed that He loved us so much even before we breathed our first breath (exponentially more than I could even love my new daughter).  He not only loved the world, but He desires oneness in us.  I am hopeful today that the love that God had for us will permeate in the relationships that I have with others as well.  As we celebrate the birth of our Righteous Ruler and King, I pray that we will remember His love for us, and that we would continue to love others as an act of obedience and affection towards Him.

So, as our due date is right around Christmas Day, I will be waiting in anticipation for the coming of my little girl and also reflecting on the LOVE that God has for us by sending us His Son for our redemption and salvation.



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