Thursday, November 28 – Thanksgiving – Seth Stevens

28 Nov

Thursday, November 28 – HOPE

Today’s Scripture:
Psalm 22; John 15:1-17

Boy, it’s a lot of pressure to be in charge of writing the first entry for this year’s Advent Guide!  When I “did the math” and realized that I had this responsibility I was terrified.  That is a lot of pressure for me!  The standard fears welled up.  “What if I don’t kick it off in a way that keeps people engaged?”  “What can I say to set a good spiritual pace for the rest of Advent?” and, my favorite, “What dummy thought I could ever be good at this?”  Fear and self-loathing set in and I froze a little.

I have to deal with similar types of feelings almost daily.  Maybe this is your experience too?  Culturally, we are trained to always be looking to the next obstacle to tackle or achievement to achieve; move forward…onward and upward.  But that is a tough way to live this life and often leads to insecurity, fear and darkness.

Over the years, the Lord has led me in an unexpected direction to deal with fear.  So much of the walk of faith is about remembering; the act of taking our mind and heart back to recall that which we know and have experienced about the Father.  I’ve come to believe that “remembering” is a spiritual discipline that, when employed, deepens and sustains our relationship with Jesus.

In Psalm 22 there is a subtle but important sense that David (that great friend of God) felt comfortable praying about deeply painful things because he remembered that his life and prayers were connected to generations of his forefathers.  These figures of the past both experienced God and testified to what He was like.  David had a heritage of faith-filled history that helped him deal with his current disasters.

This Advent Guide will be filled with powerful insights, sublime literary achievement and beautiful stories that will lift you ever closer to your Father.  In these stories, I pray that the Lord will give you a sense of rootedness in this Body and in his eternal (past, present and future) Kingdom as you travel this Advent road.

Take a minute now to silently commit your thoughts, fears and steps to the Father.  Ask Him to teach you through His word and your fellow pilgrims about the hope to which we have been called.  Finally, take a minute to practice the discipline of remembering; remember how Christ entered this world as a helpless baby and through his life overcame fear, darkness, and sin once and for all.  Now…go in Faith!

-Seth Stevens


One Response to “Thursday, November 28 – Thanksgiving – Seth Stevens”

  1. Jessica McCoy November 28, 2013 at 9:17 pm #

    Thank you Seth! I have had to come head on with many of my fears; thankful for God’s power through remembrance in those times!

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