Saturday, Nov. 30 – Nick Lewis

30 Nov

Saturday, Nov. 30 – Hope

Today’s Scripture:
Zech 9:9-13; Romans 8:14-28

All of us have had a father of some sort.  Maybe he was a loving and gracious man, maybe he was absent and disinterested, or maybe you never even met him.  Regardless of your experience with your father, you probably have a name for him. You might call him “Poppa”, “Dad”, “Daddy”, “Pops”, “Old Man”, or maybe you were one of “those” kids that just called your dad by his first name.  Oh my momma would wash your mouth out with soap!  Anyway, whatever you called your father, chances are it wasn’t Abba.

I was blessed with a loving and gracious father. You might not be able to relate to me in this way, but my heavenly father taught me much about himself by the incredible example of my own earthly daddy.  My father is a daddy who led me by example not just words.  He disciplined me out of love, not anger.  And he motivated me out of the joys of sonship, not out of fear.  You see, my daddy is much like my Abba God, a father who fiercely loves his kids and is willing to give everything for their greater good.

To many of us, God as a “Savior” and “Redeemer” is nothing new.  We hear it every week from the “pulpit” and discuss it with one another in our daily lives.  Sometimes when we frame God in such grandeur, we miss that he is our Abba, Daddy. We forget that he is our loving father who came as a hold-able child.  He spanned the vast chasm between perfect God and sinful man.  He wanted to be close to his kids.  He wanted us to know him intimately as a comforter, not punisher.  He wanted us to know him as daddy.  He is a daddy we can cry out to in good times and in need.  How long has it been since you prayed like a child would cry out for his papa?  “Abba, daddy, hold me. Be close to me.”  When was the last time you prayed to him as a daddy who not only makes himself available to you but wants to be with you?  Do you believe that your heavenly father wants to know you and he makes himself available to you?

If I can grasp what it is to be loved by an imperfect earthly father, than how much more does my perfect heavenly father love me and want to be with me?  So, in this season, embrace God not just as King and Savior, but as daddy.  He has his arms wide open to you, his kid, whom he loves like crazy.

-Nick Lewis


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