Wednesday, Dec. 4 – Daniel Thomas

4 Dec

Wednesday, Dec. 4 – Hope

Today’s Scripture:
Genesis 1; Revelation 21:1-11

Our Father,

We know of so much.  We know of innocent little children dying of starvation on a daily basis.  Of children and others being trafficked into slavery, even now.  We know of children who are forced into picking up arms to kill and be killed for ethnic or religious or economic conflicts around the world.  We know of disease, even ones that have cures, that ravage the nations.  How long, O Lord?  How long will there be wars and rumors of wars?  How long will the suffering last?  How long will brother kill brother?  How long will the idols of war, and greed, and power hold sway over the creation?

Let Hope Arise.

And yet we don’t  have to look around the world to see suffering and sin.  We can see it at home.  We can see it within us.  We know of the walls that we build to keep others out.  We know that even though we all struggle with the same things that we are often unwilling to share our burdens with others for fear of feeling crazy or different and so we go on carrying those heavy burdens alone.  We know of the influences in our society that convince us that having more and better and newer is what defines us.  We know that in an age of technology which allows us all to be connected that we are increasingly anxious and lonely.   We know anger and selfishness and greed and envy and fear.  I know of them.

Let Hope Arise.

But we know of a good God.  A creator who made all things good.  We know this Creator is the giver of life and grace.  We know that problem of evil and sin and even death have a solution.  A solution that was implemented in the covenant with Abraham that came to fulfillment in the Messiah, the Lord Jesus.  We know that our sin has been forgiven and that through the people of the Messiah Jesus that creation itself will be restored, renewed, redeemed.  How can it be?  Thank you God that you are faithful even when we are not.  Thank you, Jesus, for emptying yourself and accepting the humiliating death on a cross so that the powers of sin death would reign no more!  Thank you for the life giving power of the Spirit that was poured out as a guarantee that we are your kids.  That we have the resurrection of the church to which we look forward.

“Our Hope is in you God

We are steadfast, we will not be moved.

Anchored, never shaken

All our hope is in you.”



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