Welcome to the annual Broad River Community Church Advent Guide! The Advent season is a time of anticipation — a time to focus our hearts, our minds, and our worship on the coming of our Lord Jesus, the One True King. Our hope is that this Guide will encourage us, as a body, to pray and worship together as we approach Christmas. It will also help us get to know one another better, and may even inspire some productive and edifying conversation.

Each of the four weeks of Advent is devoted to a specific theme. The first week’s is “Hope,” the second is “Peace,” the third is “Joy,” and the fourth is “Love.” For each day of the Advent season, we have offered an Old Testament and a New Testament passage that illuminate some aspect of that week’s theme, helping us to see Christ’s coming as the crux of the narrative of God’s redemption of His creation. For each day, a member of our community has also written a devotional reflection on the day’s verses, the week’s theme, or the greater idea of Christ’s coming into the world.

As Isaiah says, we once walked in darkness but we have seen a great Light! May this Guide testify to the power of that Light among us, and to the work of salvation that Jesus Christ is still doing in our world. Grace and peace!


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